During the 19 Covid pandemic, Costa Rica has increased levels of safety and hygiene throughout the country. The purchasing processes in different markets and warehouses now become a major challenge for buyers who are high risk due to their age, physical condition and also due to some pathologies: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Cardiac Problems, Hypertension and some others.

For many reasons Costa Rica is one of the favorite destinations for travelers looking for a place to rest and relieve stress after the Pandemic. There are so many places: Beaches, Forests, Jungles, Villages and above all, the social action of people who have followed the necessary measures to minimize the effects of the Coronovirus. Until today, unfortunately there are 8 deceased people, and about 800 infections. The figures change from day to day, however the trend in Costa Rica is down.

Costa Rica has received a 2019 Champions of the Earth award, the UN’s highest environmental honour

A guide of favorite places to eat in Manuel Antonio - Its hard to say where the best places are specialy when there are new ones but these are my favorite and you may want to check when visit Manuel Antonio

La Fortuna, a prosperous and constantly changing city offers a variety of traditional foods that make the visitor enjoy and know the true local food.

The southwestern corner of Costa Rica is the least populated, and by far the least visited area of the country. It borders a largely unpopulated part of Panama; consequently, large sections of primary rainforest have been spared from development. More than of the peninsula’s forests are set aside as a huge park named Corcovado.

When traveling the most important thing on your holiday is time. Through us, a local driver picks you up from your hotel or Airport at your convenience time and drives you safely to your next destination. You can also add side-trips along the road and know hidden secrets of the countryside that you wouldn´t be able to know by your own!

Dog Rescue Center in La Fortuna
This week i visited this dogs recue center located in La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano. They are waiting for someone who will take them home. Around 70 beautiful little friends in one adoption center had been taking care by Scott Alan and his passionated team.

Visiting Costa Rica is a great experience but depending on your travel expectations you should be aware of the different seasons. There are only two seasons in Costa Rica, Dry Season and Rainy Season, here's a little guide so you can choice the best time for your next vacation: