Monteverde Cloud forest and the town of Santa Elena boast a vast array of family-friendly activities, relaxing getaways, outdoor adventures and cultural experiences.
Holidays in rural Monteverde are perfect to discover nature, tranquility and a serene life. There is a lot more than good weather and lovely beaches that the wonderful countryside of Costa Rica has.

To all of us that used to drive to / from Monteverde, the road is under construction so, it means that there is regulated traffic during the following dates:

From May 6th until May 16th, 214

Open Hours

Finally and after 30 years of waiting, the last 17 kms from Guacimal Village to Santa Elena Monteverde is under constructions. The local government (Municipality) this morning announced the start of construction will take about 6 months.

To all who use this route regularly, we request patience and understanding as it is with regulated traffic.

When traveling to Monteverde you must be prepared to drive the last 17 kms on a dusty road. Unfortunately this part is not finish yet but driving up you can stop for taking pictures of the landscape.

On Dec 4th, we were please to be part of Donna Souza´s trip and her family, a very friendly a nice people.