Zipline tours in Costa Rica, a must do

Travelers that have been on a Ziplining tour in Costa Rica say it is the experience of a lifetime. It offers you the opportunity to ride between top trees to get a different nature view you'll never be able to see again. When you are not used to this kind of adventure, you most likely have no idea what you are missing out on. Let me tell you about it:

A zip-line is a wire cable hung up to connect the tops of trees, poles, or some other anchor. Riding a zip-line demands you to wear an uniquely fitted harness and caribiner that is attached to a wheel. The wheel operates on the cable. You start at one side and push off the platform and travel the line to the other side. The height of a zip-line is typically 20 - 80 meters. This will allow you a view of the natural surroundings from a perspective you will never get to see again.
Costa Rica Jungles and rainforests are really well-liked locations for zip-line tours. These are very popular because beyond the zip line experience, you typically get a tour through the forest with a guide for a more complete experience.

Many travelers are at first concerned about basic safety issues associated with a zipline when they first consider scheduling a vacation. You will be happy to understand that basic safety does not need to be a problem. The equipment and lines utilized are all regulated and inspected. Plus, you'll get a quite a bit of instruction from the guide before you begin.

The Guides will put the harness in order to make sure you are well equipped and let you know how you can apply the brake and additional basics.

Being correctly prepared for your zip-line tour is essential to make sure you have a productive experience. Typically, the recommended clothing includes jeans or other long pants and either hiking boots or tennis shoes. You may have to do some light hiking so you will need to ensure your shoes are suitable for this. A rain jacket is also part of your clothing... remember that many of the zip-lines in Costa Rica are located in the rain forest.

Just few years ago some of the Zip-lines  included the Superman Fly and a crazy Tarzan swing... this is a truly lifetime experience!