The road to Monteverde

When traveling to Monteverde you must be prepared to drive the last 17 kms on a dusty road. Unfortunately this part is not finish yet but driving up you can stop for taking pictures of the landscape.

The best to make it from SJO Airport is taking the #1 road going northwest for over 2 hours passing the villages of San Ramón, Esparza and finally continue to the detour called Sardinal. From here, 17 kms of paved road and 17 kms of dirt road to get to Santa Elena town, the main village of Monteverde.

Nowdays, the people from Monteverde is working very hard with the government in order to make a brand new road that is going to make it faster and convenient for all; Tourists and locals.

The driving time from San Jose or Liberia Airports is about 3 hours.