Five reasons to organize a Costa Rica tour with a local guide

Erick Hidalgo, Costa Rica Local Guide
Costa Rica is a small country, only slightly smaller than the state of West Virginia. This may lead tourists to speculate they can travel independently, arranging their own tours and visiting all the main sites. Whilst this is certainly an option, there are many record why arranging a private tour of Costa Rica will make all the difference between having a good vacation and arranging a truly unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Why settle for second best? Let's guide why having your own private tour guide in Costa Rica is the way to go:
  • Local Knowledge

Costa Rica is packed with noteworthy natural and hidden sites as well as scenic resorts with breathtaking views. The benefit of traveling with a local tour guide is that, not only do you have the convenience of high quality transport and a driver that knows the most direct routes to the sites but that, once there, they can give a reason for the significance of each site in a light hearted and lively manner.

This goes way beyond the guidebook; giving you all the entertaining information, passing on fascinating anecdotes and, most importantly, allowing you to ask questions and get involved in the tour. Costarican local guides are very well qualified and have a wealth of experience. We have high standards of English and ensure that when you visit a site, you don't merely check it off on your program but you reflect on a memorable, educative day.
  • Off the Trail
In Costa Rica local tour guides know all the tricks of the trade. We not only know all the short cuts, cutting out unnecessary travel time, but they can take you to places you never would have found alone. This may be a little known but wonderful view from a famous location, a site that is off the tourist trail or to get the best local home-made coffee.
  • Tailor Made Service
A local tour guide in Costa Rica will take the time to listen to your specific needs. You may want to focus on nature or beach sites, you may want to visit places that are gay friendly, family friendly, romantic getaways or, quite the opposite, be on the look-out for action adventures and local holidays.
There may be specific sites you want to visit over a set number of days or you may have a specific budget or number of days and want advice getting the most out of your time in Costa Rica. Whatever your requirements, Costa Rica local tours ensure that a tailor-made program is designed that ticks all your boxes.
  • Set the Pace
Organizing a tour in Costa Rica means that you don't just set your own timetable but have the flexibility to adjust it on the day. You may decide to linger longer in places that capture your imagination or perhaps make a change to your planned itinerary. One of the bonus of a custom made tour in Costa Rica is that you are in the driving seat. Your tour guide will be happy to re-adjust your schedule to ensure you that get the maximum out of your trip.
  • Special Needs
You may have an elderly member of your party or be traveling with young children or those with special needs. You may have someone with a medical condition or particular requirements. Whatever your special needs, a local guide of Costa Rica will work around these, planning for every eventuality and responding to the needs of your party throughout the day.